Welcome to my petit corner

I love being moved from places to places. I love deepening in new cultures.

Hello. I am Hien from a sunny Saigon, the unofficial name of Ho Chi Minh City. When I was born, my grandmother discovered a very dark mole on my left knee, so she somehow assumed that I would be always in many journeys afterward. That’s true until this moment!

Daily life is installed as a circulation: wake up -> work -> home -> sleep, thus, if we are not considering to change, our life would flow meaninglessly since we don’t really acknowledge the reason we still exist, that’s why we all take up our own hobbies, and for myself, I choose journeys. Occasionally, I will do 7 – 10 trips once a year including 1 -2 trips to discover new places and others to come back where I really love to revive my energy and recall beautiful memories.

Most of my trips reflect the huge love for cultural heritages and authentic local life because what I really wish to see is the diversity and the interesting harmonization of the world having brought to us.

The blog is opened simply to save my memories and to share my thoughts and stories with other people. I am not good at writing so it may disappoint those wanting to read something professional.


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